Geno Smith’s miserable task in New York

Jason Cole thinks that Geno Smith is ill suited for the scrutiny that comes with playing in New York

So the question becomes whether Smith understands his own emotions. Sure, he’s just a young man dealing with a bad moment, but the life of a quarterback is filled with plenty of bad as you try to get to the good.

“That’s the NFL and that’s the position of quarterback … I’ve played this position all my life, and I understand that it comes with the territory, and I’m prepared for it,” Smith said.
Fact is, Thursday was still a special day. It was his mother’s birthday, but the event was tinged with frustration as Smith went all night without his name being called.

Whether Smith uses that as motivation remains to be seen. Whether he can handle the inevitable criticism that goes with playing in New York is an even bigger issue.

The bigger issue for me is that New York doesn’t have much for receivers, running backs, or an offensive line.

Wide Receiver/Tight End: Santonio Holmes was out for almost the entire season and Dustin Keller was in and out of the lineup with injuries all year, leaving Sanchez and McElroy to throw to a motley crew of receivers. Jeremy Kerley is a useful slot piece and the Jets hope Stephen Hill will blossom, but Keller’s gone and Holmes’ status will be uncertain until he proves he can get back to previous levels. Tight end is barren, but the Jets need to find guys who can make plays at both spots and they probably can’t stop at one.

Offensive line: It’s hard to ground and pound when your offensive line doesn’t do much pounding. The Jets have lost both of their starting guards and Austin Howard wasn’t up to the task at right tackle, leaving the Jets with plenty of room to improve. Willie Colon will fill one of those spots, but the Jets still need to add younger players and increase the overall talent level of a group that fell off in 2012.

Oh yeah, the head coach is a lame duck and the defence has fallen off.  At the least the word on the street is Mark Sanchez is going to be cut.  What a brutal situation but let’s be honest, it is always that way for the Jets.

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