Neuragen and Neuropathy

Every time I write about neuropathy and Neuragen here, I get a lot of emails about the substance and if it works.  Here is my attempt to explain it.

  • It costs around $45 from Shopper’s Drug Mart.  It isn’t covered by any drug plan but I find it to be worth it.  I keep several bottles around (cabin, two in the house, and one in my car) and they last around a year.
  • You don’t drink it, you just put a drop or two on the nerve that is in pain, rub it around and it works in about 5 seconds.  You seriously go from I’M IN EXCRUCIATING PAIN AND I WANT TO DIE to, I feel like getting a cookie in about 5 seconds.
  • It smells medicinal.  My great aunt lived in a senior’s home in Regina and the entire place smelled like ointment.  I’d fit right in.  It’s not a gross smell but distinctive.
  • You can get it in a spray bottle but I don’t find it works as a spray.  Several others have told me the same thing as well.  The concentrated drops work way better.
  • It isn’t addictive.
  • You can clean it off once you have applied it.  It works as soon as it has been absorbed.
  • Neuragen don’t work with all people.  Lot’s of people have gotten angry at me when it doesn’t work but often they want it to do something for a pain that it isn’t designed for. 

I also use Alpha Lipolic Acid.

I take the pills every morning and night.  They too can be bought at a grocery store (although not the Safeway closest to my house) and are pretty cheap.  They are an anti-toxicant and work to control neuropathic pain.  Outside of the fact that they are kind of gross when caught in the throat, they work well.  

While getting my eyes checked this summer, my eye doctor and I started talking diabetes and he got me on to cinnamon pills which regulate blood glucose levels.  Sadly cinnamon buns don’t work the same way.  The secret to taking these pills is to tell yourself that it is a cinnamon bun and you are living the high life.

I get asked where I hear about these things but most pharmacies have free magazines on diabetes which is a good way to keep up to date on things to ask your doctor about.  He or she has hundreds of patients while I am responsible for my health.  I don’t want to have to rely on him or her to take care of me.  Some ideas they have encouraged, other ideas they have questioned but I am surprised at how many diabetics I know who just suffer from the diabetes without trying anything else.

2 thoughts on “Neuragen and Neuropathy”

  1. I just read your site & I couldn’t believe how it was just like I was reading about my own Life ExactlY to a tee!
    I have been suffering with Neuropathy for yrs. & this last few have been horrible. I have tried everything possible I can to try for some relief. It is just like you say , my feet feel like they are seiezing up . I can hardly move some days . . even in the nite i wake up with such cramps up calves of legs & burnig is unbearable. All I can do is Rub & Rub them I just purchased Neuragen & it did give me some relief for short time , at least i could get a better sleep than normal. I couldn,t get a big bottle at first but I since have orderd a bigger one. Hopeing it will give me some relief even if for a short time. Better than none. It is expensive but if it works it is worth it. I am on gabapentin & hydromorph contin plus celebrex which hasn’t done a lot lately . Sure am praying for good results. if you have any other suggestoins for me i would appreciate it. Your site was Very Informative . the Best i have found yet .
    Sincerly Mrs R. Spence

  2. I love Neuragen. It relieves my foot pain, lower back pain and sciatica pain running down my left leg. As you say, worth every penny. And yes, it works within a few seconds.

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