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A New Generation of NDP Ads

Good job by the NDP in getting a good Cam Broten ad out this quickly.   The ads hit television tomorrow.  That the NDP website has now been updated to feature Cam.


  1. aarongenest says:

    Kind of a generalized feel-good thing. I’m not clear if this is the best initial approach. It will be interesting to see the reaction from the SaskParty (and the rest of the province).

  2. It’s a standard first ad to introduce a new leader to the voters. It works pretty well in other places.

  3. aarongenest says:

    Fair enough. I wonder if they have a 15 second version.

  4. Gil Klassen says:

    I like it! and I’m not an NDP fan…if Cam can deliver on what he says they might have a chance!

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