The idea of the renovated stadium

No one likes to renovate a stadium, unless you are an American university.

In which case you are comfortable renovating one of the oldest stadiums in the United States.  I find it funny that in Canada, the consultants reports always say, “tear it down” while American (nd many British) consultants almost always say, “renovate” and expand.  There are different opinions about which is the right approach but personally I love the history behind American university stadiums vs. the sterile feel of pro stadiums.  I also love the idea of building to expand later, which is something that a lot of pro teams can learn from.  It’s a lot cheaper than tearing down and building again.  Of course with a university as a tenant, they aren’t likely to pick up and move to the Alamodome or Los Angeles but the end result are almost sacred sports places full of history and memories.

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