Expansion of services for 33rd Street Methadone Clinic

From the StarPhoenix

When staff at the 33rd Street pharmacy learned that lack of transportation hampered many of their 250 clients from seeing addictions counsellors, they approached the Saskatoon Health Region, offering to renovate and build a state-of-the-art methadone dispensing and distribution system.

“Because people have to come here to pick up their medication, the idea came up – ‘Is there any way we can help these people access services?'” Carlson said.

The health region agreed to lease the 800-square-foot clinic, which will have a counselling space, a doctor’s office and examination room, and a children’s play area.

It is expected to open around the end of April, said Tracy Muggli, director of mental health and addictions services for the health region.

I think this is a good step for the Health Region, Mayfair, and of course those that use the services.

4 thoughts on “Expansion of services for 33rd Street Methadone Clinic”

  1. I would really love to be a part of your program, I have been trying to get on Compdrug but they are not accepting cash patients. If you could please contact me I would even be willing to help out with anything you may need to get the clinic ready. Thank you so much for opening a new clinic!! Please contact me at 7409719775 or 7404040527, my name is Danielle L.

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  3. Ive done some reading on the Methadone Program in Saskatchewan, success rates are very small. I live close to the methadone pharamcy, I can tell you those 250 methadone clients DO NOT live in Mayfair they come in taxies, buses from other parts of the city and province. The Director heading up the addictions counselling (Tracy Muggli) actually cut 1 in 3 teen addiction counsellors last year in the Saskatoon region, I would like this money spent on MORE addictions counsellors, instead of the drug dealing Harm Reduction Docs.

  4. The same prostitutes you speak of in your articles use the Methadone Program and Needle Exchange daily. How is Harm Reduction benefiting them or the Mayfair residents?

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