2013 Western Canadian Biathlon Championships

Last week DeeAnn talked me into heading up with her and Jules to Blue Mountain Outdoor Adventures near North Battleford to take some photos and video of the 2013 Western Canadian Championships for biathlon.  On Sunday the three of us drove up and checked things out.  All of us ended up taking photos of competitors and coaches from all over western Canada.  When there wasn’t someone racing by, there was the cracks from the gunfire (reminded me of being at home).

2013 Western Canadian Biathlon Championships

There were races happening the entire time we were there so there was always something to take a picture of.  The weather wasn’t that bad out.  I was cold yet was only wearing a hoodie so it wasn’t too bad out.  By the time I got home and edited the shots, I took a couple hundred photos which I uploaded to a Flickr photo set and Blue Mountain’s Flickr group page. 

What surprised me was how big of sport biathlon is out in Western Canada and also how big of an event these championships are.  There were a couple hundred competitors, coaches, and family members out at Blue Mountain with clubs as far away as Canmore, Hinton, Jasper, and from places in Manitoba.  The other thing that surprised me was how young some of the racers were. 

From what I saw, everyone was having a good time (except for this guy who broke a ski while starting his race) and the weekend went off without a hitch.

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