10 Things

As I move into 2013, I took some time to take stock of my life with a few short lists. 

10 Things I Am Content With

  1. Friends and family
  2. Earning sufficient money
  3. Loving being able to make a difference in my job
  4. Living in Saskatoon (and I think making it better for others)
  5. Writing my blog and writing for a larger audience in print
  6. Not having a clue what I will be working on three months from now
  7. I am still curious and am least interested in learning new things
  8. Owning a dog.  While Maggi is the worst dog that I have ever owned, she is still a great addition to the family.  Now if I can only get rid of Hutch.
  9. With some of the projects that we have on the table at work and at home.
  10. Planning the future with Mark, Wendy, and eventually Oliver.

10 Things I Am Not Content With

  1. Fitness
  2. Heath (the diabetes thing and this arm and shoulder that has been bothering me for a year)
  3. The lack of time I have to master new things and for study
  4. How I spend the leisure time in my life (what leisure time?)
  5. The disconnect between Wendy’s and mine work schedules (I tend to work days while she works a lot of evenings).  It’s good for Oliver (as it means less time at a sitter but it is something that neither one of us are happy with).
  6. The quality of my online writing and blogging
  7. Time I spend on things that have very little payoff to the projects that I care about
  8. The lack of time spent at the cabin
  9. The lack of frontline work I do with homeless men and women.  I miss the interactions and problem solving.
  10. Saskatoon has more homeless people now than they ever have, including at the height of the housing boom.  That keeps me motivated.

Here are 10 Small Things I Wish I Did More:

  1. Going to bed early
  2. Seeing the sun rise.
  3. Take more photographs.
  4. Working out more
  5. Travelling and exploring more
  6. Reading books
  7. Going to talks, lectures, events
  8. Spending more time working with front line staff
  9. Using more of my time to help out with some other social problems
  10. Exploring more of Saskatchewan

Here are 10 Things I Waste Time On:

  1. Meetings that could be replaced by a 20 minute phone call
  2. 20 minute phone calls that could be replaced by an email
  3. Social media
  4. Administration.  It’s part of the job and I need to get better at it for no other reason than I won’t have to spend as much time on it.
  5. Time wasted reading about sports that I don’t care about.  Seriously why am I watching curling?
  6. Being unfocused on Twitter and social media in general
  7. Making lists like this.  Seriously.
  8. Projects that don’t matter that I should never have agreed to
  9. Reading about American politics.  I know the U.S. President is the Leader of the Free World and all of that and they seem determined to destroy their own economy but enough is enough.  Hold on, Dick Cheney just tweeted something….
  10. Trying to change partisans’ opinions.  I upset people on the right and the left and to be honest, I give hardcore partisans too much time sometimes when they are never going to agree with me.  It’s time better spent on other things.

10 Things I Want to Do Better

  1. Shoot better video
  2. Learn how to fish (Mark gave Wendy and I fishing rods for Christmas)
  3. Write something better and less passively.
  4. Become a better photographer
  5. Play tennis at a higher level
  6. Spend some more time in the backcountry
  7. Finish some of the feature length posts I have been meaning to do on my blog.
  8. Spend time with friends
  9. Have more time for study
  10. Communicate the issues around homeless, mental health, and social issues more effectively.

The glaring question here is “why don’t I fix this?”  Of course much of 2012 is going to be spent fixing what I can.

When I write stuff down like this, I realize how stupid I am to be frittering away my life at the same time as wishing I had more time.  

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