Where have I seen this before

From the National Post

The City of Toronto appears to have “starved and neglected” the Gardiner Expressway by spending millions of dollars below what had been budgeted for rehabilitation over eight of the last 14 years, the chairman of the public works and infrastructure committee charges.

The largest recorded difference is in 2009 — the same year a study commenced on potentially dismantling a section of the aging roadway — when the city allocated $20.3-million in funding, but only spent $3.2-million, according to a tally of budget versus actual expenditures dug up by finance staff, and obtained by the National Post.

I know all cities do this; Saskatoon included but it’s frustrating.  We build infrastructure but then have no appetite to maintain it properly and then we have to deal with it falling down all over the place.  Preventative maintenance isn’t sexy but look at the bills once they come due, they can be overwhelming.  Saskatoon is looking at about a billion dollars in unfunded maintenance (which is for those keeping track, about a 1000% mill rate increase).  We needed probably a 3% levy instead of the 1% one that we got just to keep our current road and bridge conditions.  All across the country we just keeping digging a bigger and bigger hole.

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