Get all of your employees on social media in 2013

One of LinkedIn’s big ideas for 2013 is to have all of your employees on social media

This goes far beyond just putting in place a social media presence managed by a few people. It’s about involving potentially all of your employees, asking them to rise to the opportunity of becoming advocates of your brand. The question to ask yourself is, does your organization have the discipline and resilience to allow all of your employees to become active participants in social media on behalf of your brand? For some leaders, this is an exciting, game-changing opportunity. But for most organizations, it’s absolutely terrifying.

At The Lighthouse, a fair amount of our employees use Twitter and of course Facebook.  I want to expand for their own career sakes and get them on LinkedIn and for those that don’t have websites,  The article is right in that it is both a great opportunity and a great risk but in the end it helps our employees build connections, helps The Lighthouse, and it can move some of our strategic and tactical goals.  I am all for it.

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