Five of the world’s most livable cities

Not a lot of these cities are designed around the automobile.  Here is what makes Vienna such a great place to live.

Austria’s most populous city – Vienna – has won the title of the world’s best city for quality of life since 2009. It is also one of eight European cities to make the top 10 list, showing the region’s dominance in the survey.

Vienna is the cultural, economic, and political center of the country. It has the highest per capita GDP among all Austrian cities at over $55,000. Vienna’s ability to transform old infrastructure into modern dwellings won the city the 2010 United Nations urban planning award for improving the living conditions of its residents. Under a multimillion-dollar program, the city refurbished more than 5,000 buildings with nearly 250,000 apartments. Vienna is also the world’s No. 1 destination for conferences, drawing five million tourists a year — equivalent to three tourists for every resident.

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  1. When we visited Vienna, last year, we stayed at The Salvation Army Men’s Services building. The facility is more hostel than treatment program. On the top of this 100+ year-old building they’ve added three apartments. One is occupied by the Officer in charge, and his family, one is a rental property and the other is used for Salvation Army visitors to the city. We spent five days there in a fully-furnished one-bedroom apartment for 30 Euros per night! And, it was just about a two-block walk to the 1st District, which where many of the tourist attraction are located.It seemed like every building had one or two stories added to the top, for residential space.

    The city was very pedestrian-friendly. We covered loads of ground on foot and you felt like vehicles gave courtesy to the walker. The crime-rate is low we walked late into the night, after dark and never felt nervous or uncomfortable.

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