It’s Monday Morning

The weekend that was: At the Ward 2 forum, my winter jacket was stolen so I spent much of Saturday at the Prairie Summit Shop (there is a Blackstrap joke in there somewhere), Cabela’s, Outdoor Outfitters, and Mark’s Work Warehouse trying to find a jacket I liked that wasn’t going to cost me over $300.  Finally I gave up and ran into Wal-Mart where I found the jacket I wanted for $40.  I’ll call that a win.

The last time I was at a Ward 2 event, I ended up quitting my job right after.  This time my jacket was stolen.  I am going to stay out of the ward from now on.

Where I am at the moment:  Chilling at work.  Listening to Mumford and Sons.

On my to-do list this week: Way too much.

Procrastinating about: Planning our 15th Anniversary dinner.

Book I’m in the midst of: Nothing, just about 20 magazine articles.

Music that seemed to catch my attention this past week: Been listening to the new Leonard Cohen’s Old Ideas.

How I’m feeling about this week: I hope the weather stays nice.

2 thoughts on “It’s Monday Morning”

  1. OK, after the Ward 2 debate, I offered you one of my husband’s winter jackets but you refused. You said you’d rather go to Cabelas. Serves you right ending up at WalMart to buy a replacement jacket. Seriously, petty theft from church halls is NOT the norm in Ward 2, and you are always welcome to hang out and meet the incredibly interesting and honest folk here. There’s no need to boycott Ward 2. We’re the “happening” place. By the war, I’m sure whoever boosted your jacket really appreciates your fine taste.

    Now get going on planning your 15th Wedding Annivarsary- maybe you should buy Wendy a warm jacket??

  2. Actually I have had three jackets stolen, a wallet, and had knife pulled on me once in Ward 2. Of course that was a while ago (well except the last jacket) and I agree Ward 2 is the place to be.

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