Is Lance Armstrong the greatest con-artist in sports?

According to Yahoo! and the USADA, he is.

All of this is according to the United States Anti-Doping Agency in a 202-page report which rips the sheen off Armstrong and exposes him as the greatest fraud in the history of American sports.

No one with an objective mind can deny the damning facts uncovered in what amounts to a Mount Everest of testimony from witness after witness, all of whom point to Armstrong as the godfather of a sophisticated doping scheme aimed to accomplish one thing: win the biggest bike race in the world.
Armstrong, through his attorney Timothy Herman, continues to maintain his innocence, claiming in a letter sent to USADA that the agency is biased against him and that some of the witnesses are “serial perjurers.”

For that to be true, however, the conspiracy would have to be as sophisticated and calculated as the “alleged” doping program itself.

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