Super Agent Drew Rosenhaus has some explaining to do

From Y! Sports

An NFL veteran player who spoke to Y! Sports on the condition of anonymity, said he was recruited simultaneously by Rosenhaus’ and Rubin’s companies in or around 2006, and that the firms had a cooperative recruiting relationship until at least 2008. The player was among those who lost money in the Alabama casino operation.

“[A Rosenhaus employee] came to see me and [a Rubin employee] was on the trip with him. They recruited together,” the player said. A former Rubin employee confirmed the firms recruited prospective clients together during this time and that the direction to do so came from firm management.

“I would have loved to have known all the shady stuff that was going on with Jeff Rubin,” the veteran player said. “That information would have changed things dramatically [in terms of allowing Rubin to manage my finances]. … To find this stuff out after the fact is disheartening. And that’s part of the reason I fired Drew, because I had to question if he had my best interests in mind.”

When asked about the player’s claims, Rosenhaus said neither he nor anyone at his firm ever cooperatively recruited a prospective client with a financial adviser to the best of his knowledge.

“Not that I know of,” Rosenhaus said.

Rosenhaus said agents and financial advisers are sometimes forced to meet with a player simultaneously in the recruiting process. Of five other agents surveyed, only one said he had ever experienced anything like that.

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