No, no, no, no. Heck no.

This is from the Globe and Mail on how the Coservative nominee in Calgary Centre sees her job.

Duane Bratt, a political scientist at Mount Royal University, said there’s only a “pretty minute” chance Ms. Crockatt will lose: “The question shouldn’t be is she going to win, it’s what role is she going to play.”

Mr. Harper already has a caucus filled with Tories from Calgary.

“If I’m a backbench MP, I’m just fine doing that,” Ms. Crockatt said. “To me, the job is to support the Prime Minister in whatever way that he thinks.”

No Joan Crockatt, that is not your job. Your job is represent the fine constituents in Calgary Centre, not be a mouthpiece for the PMO. You are to do what you are elected to and that is to be a parliamentarian and do your best to protect and advance the interests of those that elected you while being a steward for the country. To do anything else is to abdicate your responsibilities as a MP (something that many have done under the current regime).

We do not send MPs to Ottawa as cheerleaders for the Prime Minister and cabinet, we send them to represent us and MPs need to start taking this seriously.

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