Mark’s Diamond Jubilee Medal

Last night Wendy and I watched Mark be presented with the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee medal for service at the Delta Bessborough downtown.  Several months ago our local MLA Cam Broten nominated Mark for the award and he was accepted based on his service first at the Salvation Army and later at The Lighthouse.  Mark has served meals, cleaned up coffee houses, dumped soup all over himself, cleaned that up, and even helped me combat bed bugs.  He has grown up around shelters and has never hesitated to do anything anyone has asked him to do. 

Mark Cooper's Diamond Jubilee Medal

Last night, the Honourable Vaughn Solomon Schofield, Lt. Governor of Saskatchewan presented Mark with his medal in a fairly informal ceremony.  After the ceremony there was a reception and then on the way home we decided to stop by for a bite to eat where I took this photo. 

So yeah, Wendy and I are really, really proud of him.

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