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The Holiday Inn

The Holiday Inn in Saskatoon
The Holiday Inn in Saskatoon

As I was walking home I noticed the south side of the Holiday Inn and I was stunned that whoever built the building was able to get away with how these panels look.  Up close it looks like adhesive (you can see trowel marks on it) but it really looks horrible.  I am biased against the building (I find it ugly and it kills street life) but it makes me wonder if the outside of the building looks this bad, what is the inside of the building going to look like.

Ugly architecture, no street life, and a flawed finish.  It fits right in with a lot of other buildings in downtown Saskatoon.


  1. Norm Fisher says:

    I hate this building too. It’s a terrible eye sore. Hard to believe that this exterior finish was ever approved.

  2. Ken says:

    It’s a brutally ugly building.

  3. Daryl says:

    Hands down it is the most hideous building in Saskatoon. Although, it seems to fit right in with the “prison-chic” aesthetic of the Affinity Credit Union building on 1st Ave N & 22nd St E.

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