The odd rules of honour of the Tour de France

Cycling is probably one of the more corrupt sports around, at least at the professional level but read this about today’s Tour de France.

Tour de FranceAt least 30 riders were disrupted by tire punctures at the top of the final climb after tacks and small nails were tossed on the road. Tour officials asked the police to investigate.

The Tour’s defending champion, Cadel Evans, was caught in the havoc and had to wait three times for assistance. He lost nearly two minutes at one point before teammates arrived and gave him a rear wheel.

But Wiggins honoured cycling etiquette by not attempting to capitalize on Evans’s misfortune. He urged the peloton to slow down to allow Evans to return to the pack. Wiggins and Evans finished in the same time, 18 minutes 15 seconds behind Luis León Sánchez of Spain, who won the 119-mile stage from Limoux to Foix.

So it’s more or less okay to inject yourselves with HGH, steroids, and blood dope but then on the course there is this code of honour that says that you don’t capitalize on equipment failures.  It makes no sense at all.  You would think the NCAA ran the event.

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