Law & Order: Mayfair

This comes from the Saskatoon Police Service.

Drugs found in Mayfair

Six Toronto men are now facing charges relating to a dial-a-dope operation in Saskatoon.

The arrests were made following an investigation by the Saskatoon Integrated Drug Unit which began in March 2012.  The investigation focused on a crew of Toronto men who were running a dial-a-dope operation within the City.  On Wednesday, May 2, 2012, six males (ranging from 25 – 31 years old) were arrested and two search warrants were executed.  SIDU officers searched a residence in the 1200 block of Avenue D North and a hotel room in the 2100 block of Avenue B North resulting in the seizure of 7 ounces of cocaine and crack cocaine along with $20,000 in cash and numerous bank cards.  A total of 19 charges have been laid so far relating to Trafficking Cocaine, Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking Cocaine and Possession of Proceeds of Crime.  

In addition to these charges a 25 year old man was also charged with Escape from Lawful custody when, after he was arrested, pushed and ran from officers.  He ran into oncoming 5:00 p.m. traffic at the intersection of Avenue C and Circle Drive but was apprehended again immediately by officers.  Numerous unrelated warrants from other Canadian cities were also executed on these men.             

All six men are scheduled to appear in Provincial Court today at 2:00 p.m.  The court information number is 44304529.  This investigation is ongoing.

An electronic photo depicting the seizure is attached for the media.

The Saskatoon Integrated Drug Unit is comprised of members of the Saskatoon Police Service and "F" Division of the RCMP.

I thought it was classy of the policy not to name the hotel and not describe the house as “that house that everyone in Mayfair knows they are dealing drugs out of”.   Still it was a good job of the Saskatoon Police Service.  It is something that we have been complaining about for a long time in the neighbourhood and that block is notorious for illegal activity.

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