Vibram Five Fingers

I have written about my type 2 diabetes before here and one of the more troubling aspects of it is what it has done to my feet.  Both my feet have suffered a lot of nerve damage and while the pain is under control by walking, taking alpha lipolic acid and using Neurogen.  Despite using both of those, I can’t walk barefoot on asphalt (the pain is overwhelming) or on sand.  At the lake I have on a pair of water shoes that makes it possible to go into the water and they work fine.

I had been thinking of getting a pair of Vibram FiveFingers shoes for a couple of years but they look dorkish and I didn’t think I would wear them.  Over the last couple of weeks I have been talking to a bunch of diabetic doctors who all swear by them, especially because they prevent some of the atrophy of the feet that come from the nerve damage that we experience.  

I finally decided to try some.  Sport Chek has both the Vibram Five Fingers and the Adidas Adipure.  I decided on a pair of black Vibram Fivefingers KSO (KSO stands for Keeping Stuff Out)

Vibram FiveFingers KSO

So far I don’t know if I like them which from what I have been told is kind of normal at first moving from a regular running or hiking shoe but we will see how it goes.  Michael Hyatt posted this review of his in 2009.  As he says,

Twenty-five percent of all your bones are in your feet. Your feet are a marvel of biological engineering. They are designed to adjust your stride, distribute your weight, and minimize the impact on your joints—on the fly. Unfortunately, when you encase them in modern running shoes, your feet lose contact with the ground. They don’t adjust. They aren’t free to do what they were made to do.

While I have read that your feet take some time to adjust to the shoes and initially feel quite tired, my feet have loved the shoes and have felt quite comfortable in them.  We will see how this goes throughout the summer and see if I get back any of the balance I have lost over the next several months.

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  1. Hello, it’s been a while since this post, and I am quite keen to see how your tootsies are doing in your Vibram Five Fingers. I have no feeling below my knees and, of course, have balance problems. I have also experienced significant atrophy in my feet. I am considering these shoes also, and would love to hear your findings prior to my doing.

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