Mobile healthcare clinic for $15,000 and it can be ordered “to-go”

Fast Company interviews it’s founders

FC: In early 2011, seed money enabled you to get your company, G3Box, off the ground. How is it progressing?

Susanna Young: Right now we’re making a template to give to construction firms. It costs $15,000 to $18,000 to build a clinic. Our goal is to produce one in two to four weeks. We’ll start taking orders in August.

Gabrielle Palermo: We’re also finding shipping partners to haul the boxes to ports in Los Angeles for distribution.

This reminded me of a Seattle group that is using shipping containers to bring grocery stores to Seattle’s food dessert

Using a shipping container as a grocery store in Seattle
Using a shipping container as a grocery store in Seattle
Using a shipping container as a grocery store in Seattle

A group of Seattle entrepreneurs has come up with one solution to the urban food desert problem, and it doesn’t involve adding traditional supermarkets to underserved areas. Their new venture, Stockbox Grocers, is taking the favorite building block of the green-building movement—the shipping container—and adapting it into a miniature food emporium, packed from floor to roof with fresh produce and other staples.

"Our goal is to bring food back to communities, and focus on communities that don’t currently have good access to food and are heavily dependent on public transportation," says founder and owner Carrie Ferrence. This week, Stockbox celebrates the opening of a 160-square-foot prototype store in a parking lot in a neighborhood where corner stores are the only source of food. Up to five customers can shop at once, said Ferrence, and only one person is needed to staff the operation.

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