Ti. Tornado

Ti. Tornado tennis racquet by Head

I was in Sportmart at Confederation Mall last week and they are closing out the store.  They had a tennis racquet I have wanted for a while on sale and then 40% off that price so I went today and bought my new racquet, a Head Ti. Tornado for almost nothing.  I was quite pleased.

Now the big challenge is not playing tennis but finding a decent court.  For over a decade the City of Saskatoon has been letting it’s tennis courts deteriorate and then they transform them to something else.  Some of the best courts in the city were in City Park where they stopped being maintained, then repaired and then were turned into a community compost pile.  High school courts (with the exception of Marion Graham) were let to deteriorate as well and the result is that it is rather hard to find a place to play tennis.

I am pretty sure the city could counter with stats that show that many of us play tennis anymore but that makes sense, no one wants to go play tennis on deteriorating asphalt with loose gravel, cracked courts, and broken nets, especially on the westside.  The courts at Rusholme Road and 29th Street were in quite bad shape last year.   Of course part of the problem is that they are not just tennis courts, they get used for street hockey, skateboarding, and basketball.   That’s not meant as a complaint, when I was a teen, I used them in the same way.

Of course they are free and the city does make an effort on getting them open as soon as possible.  According to the city’s tennis court website, they are all open.  I’ll check them out tomorrow.  The city also does post a number (975-3300) to report any concerns or problems with court maintenance or vandalism so maybe it won’t be too bad.

Now there is Riversdale Tennis and Badminton Club but I am not sure I want to join a club just to hit a ball around.

Of course the most important part of this post is to be intimidated when you see me pull my new racquet of it’s bag.  It’s a beast.

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