Going Nuclear

The next NFL season just got a lot more interesting if the Redskins/Cowboys go nuclear on the league.

The teams will spend the weekend examining every possible option.  ”Who can I sue and how can I sued them?” will be the operative questions.  (It’s unknown whether a “suance” is being considered.)

Adding to the teams’ frustration, we’re told, is that the deal to take away the cap money was brokered between NFLPA executive DeMaurice Smith and the NFL Management Council Executive Committee, without a full vote of NFLPA leadership or NFL ownership.  The chairman of the CEC is Giants owner John Mara, whose team benefits directly from the removal of cap room from two of his chief division rivals.

It’s unknown whether the Redskins and Cowboys are bluffing in order to force a compromise, or whether they indeed truly intend to file suit.  Reducing the allegations to writing necessarily will expose that the league was engaged in collusion in 2010, which could have all sorts of unintended consequences for the entire NFL, including the Redskins and the Cowboys.

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