2012 Ford Edge Review

2012 Ford Edge

The good: Fantastic styling, comfortable ride, usable Ford Sync, vehicle adapts to you.  

The bad: Fuel economy isn’t great.

So I got a Ford Edge last week and have put it through the paces.  Here is how it did.

How the Edge felt:  Absolutely loved it.  Everything on the Edge feels refined and well thought out.  From the exterior to the interior and how the MyFord Touch is laid out.   Let me describe to you how I used it.  The car does not have a key but features a dongle that as you get within distance of the car, unlocks the doors as you touch the driver side door handle.  As you start the car, I had to use Ford Sync to switch to Sirius ESPN Radio.  After a couple of days of that, the radio stayed on ESPN.  Without fooling with any settings, the car used to reset to the past driver but again after a couple of days, the seats stayed the way I liked them.  I could have figured out how to do that myself but was impressed the car did it for me.

As I got in, the Sync connected with my iPhone which allowed for easy hands free calling while driving.  While I loved the paddle control on the Ford Focus, the Sync in the Edge was started by a button on the steering column, an inconsistency that I wasn’t that crazy with, especially if I owned both a Focus and a Edge.  Hands free calling quality was excellent and was superior to the speaker phone on my iPhone.  One thing that you need to be aware of is that MyFord Touch downloads your address book to the car which means that you need to delete your phone book when you are done with the car.  Something to remember if you are sharing a vehicle or lending it out. Several reviewers before me had left their phone information in the car which I dutifully deleted for them. 

As a crossover, the Edge includes seating for five plus an ample cargo area. The Edge retains its bulky, squat shape, but gets a more curvy front-end and smoother metal for the sides and rear pillars than previous versions. White LED parking light strips set into the front fascia make a nice addition to the car.

The Sony audio system is worth the price for its excellent audio quality. It produces very well-balanced sound through its 12 speakers. The highs come out clearly and the bass has some power to it, thanks to the system’s 390 watts of amplification.  That being said, I generally just listened to ESPN.  The one thing I didn’t like about the Ford Edge was the stereo controls.  Turning the stereo off an on would often change the radio station.  It’s not a big thing and definitely wouldn’t hold me back in buying it but it was the one flaw an other wise flawless car.

As for the Edge’s fuel economy, it was not great. EPA testing gives the Edge Sport 17 mpg city and 23 mpg highway (check out fuel efficiency on Fuelly). In our driving, much of it along two-lane highways, we came in at 17.3 mpg, on the low side of the car’s range. Driving around Saskatoon, the transmission remained subtle, getting its job done without fuss. On the freeway it let the engine run at low rpms, around 2,000 while cruising at highway speeds. When I put the pedal down to pass or just get some good acceleration, it kicked into action and never had the disturbing habit that the Ford Focus did of shifting down killing both the acceleration and speed.  When I wanted to go somewhere quickly, it got me there.

I am almost 40 which means that I drive increasingly like an old man so I didn’t push it to the limits, but the car also showed nice stability and grip when turned.  It did have to pass the ultimate off road adventure, the side streets of Mayfair and it did quite well hitting the ruts, potholes, and water main breaks that define my street.

This Edge came  with Ford’s blind-spot detection system, which turns on lights in the mirrors when a car is in the Edge’s blind spot. This system worked well in our testing, giving few false positives.   It does have park assist but I refused to test a feature that helps me park.  That’s just me. 

The handling was fine.  Some reviews thought the car was top heavy but I never noticed it.  I wasn’t tearing into corners but I loved the handling at all speeds.

To summarize, this may be the best car I have ever driven.  I really look forward to owning on in the future.

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