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  • The ongoing water problems at The Lighthouse continue.  Today as they were working on the sprinkler system, a line broke under pressure and flooded out the dining room.  In case you are counting, that’s three floods now.  Later in the day as Marcel and I were talking the fire alarms went off again and we both went sprinting up the building looking for a fire or water line break.  Luckily they were just working on the system but by the end of the day we all had enough.  The flood in the dining room was intense but the residents came down and got the dry-vacs and mops out and we had the water cleaned up in a short amount of time.  It took longer to dry but it was contained.  I am pretty sure Gardiner Dam is a little lower because of it but it has been cleaned up.
  • Pastor Russ Wilson and Cornerstone Mennonite Church have been taking seriously their calling to make a difference amongst “the least of these” and he has written a couple of blog posts worth reading about what the church is starting to do and different ways to tackle the problem.  In case you don’t click over to this site, read this sobering quote, “Dr. Cory Neudorf who is our city’s Chief Medical Health Officer has told our staff that he is aware of girls as young as 9 who have been diagnosed with sexually transmitted diseases here in our city.”  Yeah.
  • Thanks to everyone who helped get the word out about The Lighthouse on Twitter  (@thelighthousesk).  DeeAnn and I tend to post from there a couple of times a week and while I am biased, it is worth a follow.  For those of you luddites still on Facebook, The Lighthouse has a new URL, and apparently it is a big deal if you “like” us or something like that.  For those of you who are angry I just called you a Luddite, the haters are going to hate…  We are on Google+ but the lack of a API means that it is really hard to post to there.  Even Google’s Feedburner doesn’t allow social posting to Google+ yet.  When it does, we’ll post there as well.

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  • In case you are wondering how dogs think (and I know you were), here’s how.  They can learn up to 200 words, can count, and unlike wolves, can figure out intent.
  • Had fun taking some former co-workers for a tour and hearing what they thought of The Lighthouse today.  Good to see them and get their feedback.  Both were impressed at the changes to the dorms which is a good thing.  The women are moving into a terrific new women’s shelter later this month and the men are moving into the women’s shelter which is an upgrade for both of them.  No it isn’t housing but it’s better than being outside and from those dorms there is a pathway towards housing.  I’d post some photos of the upgraded space but everytime I have my camera, the room is locked (it’s still under construction).

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