Here we go again

The City of Saskatoon came out with their strategic plan and it reads and looks good.  As I was looking through it (finally after was down all last night), I couldn’t help but notice three of the photos were taken from my Flickr account without my permission.  Again.

It’s happened before and I was assured it would never happen again.  Well it did.  I was initially quite angry but more than anything it shows that copyright and the Creative Commons are not well understood by city employees.  My photos can be used if I am given credit (I was told I was in the City of Saskatoon’s PowerPoint) but in the print/PDF version I was not.  Also, it is not for commercial use.   I was talking with city councillor today who wondered if because the city used it, if it was a bit of confusion.  I replied, “You call yourselves a corporation” but I see his point and I think that may be the biggest problem.  During my discussion on Twitter about it, I was told that some of my photos have been used in other publications, again without permission, attribution and by the corporation.

Coming from the City of Saskatoon, it is the height of hypocrisy as back in the days before digital photography was widespread, the city offered up some high resolution stock images online and had a great many restrictions on use.

I don’t mind the City of Saskatoon using my photos, I just wish they would ask me first.   It’s getting a bit old.

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  1. I would send them an invoice for the photography they forgot to ask permission for or pay for? I bet next time they will ask for permission before they pirate your photographs.

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