Submission to physical abuse?

I know many of you are John Piper fan boys but this is appalling. Piper is telling women to "submit" to abuse for a season and then go to the church. Really? What about an abuse shelter? What about pressing criminal charges? What about leaving him? Abuse can never be tolerated.

Piper talks about abuse being sin and the answer is in the church.  Of course it is sin but violence against women and children (and anyone) is illegal and the answer is first to get the women to safety and then the courts.  Yes the church is a part of the solution as it can be in any restorative process but there are laws in this land that say that no one needs to tolerate physical violence and abuse, not even for a “season” as Piper suggests.

The idea that this needs to be done in the context of the church and community is wrong.  If I hit Wendy or abuse my kids, I have crossed a line that as a society we say that we won’t tolerate, it’s why there are laws that prohibit family violence.  The actions of the abuser have taken the consequences out of the realm and authority of the church and into the realm of the police and judges.  This isn’t an issue of submission, this is a criminal issue now.

I have no idea why some of you believe in the submissive crap that guys like Piper keep preaching. I have listened on the phone to women being beaten by husbands and parents while they were trying to protect their children and have listened to friends tell me they thought they were going to die from the abuse they were enduring.  No one should ever deal with that ever. People knew that they were being abused (and yes they were in the church) and didn’t take a stand because they women were submissive.

That "doctrine" drives me crazy. It’s based on bad theology and a bad translation of the Hebrew.

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  2. Coop … on one level alone, I’ve seen, and heard, first hand, the ramifications of churches totally dropping the ball should an abused spouse or child(ren) surface their concerns. My guess would be the vast majority ( 90% + ) of churches are unequipped to handle this … and as a result make things worse. Yes, the church should be involved, as part of the community, but my experience would not be that the abused victim wait it out, and then rely solely on their church to address things. The worst case scenarios are horrifying … including protecting the abuser, and shaming the victims. I think JP is “off” on this one.


  3. thats what happens when you let amateurs with a Master of Divinity degree deal with issues they are woefully unprepared to address…

  4. Amazing, the lack of understanding of Scripture. I am not speaking of John Piper, but of the writer of the blog and the comments submitted. Did you not listen, did you not hear? He qualified the answer, asked to what level of abuse. This is the consistent problem with the secular culture, why divorce is over 50%. There is always a back door, hurry up get out. For all those superior men who sit at home in the bathroom and spank their monkey to the view of other women, is that abuse? Scripture states that you are engaged in an affair. I think your wife should leave you immediately, right? Oh, but that is different I am not hurting my wife, wanna bet. Get off the fools train, get in the Word of God and submit to It’s authority and It’s wisdom, maybe just maybe you marriages will be saved.

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