No Social Services Checks before Christmas

From Joe Couture of The StarPhoenix

A Saskatchewan Party government decision to change the date January social assistance cheques are released to after Christmas from before has come under fire from the NDP Opposition.

As of 2011, Social Services changed the date cheques were issued and direct deposits paid to Dec. 29 from Dec. 23.

“Our goal is to make sure people have money for not only Christmas, but for January as well,” Social Services Minister June Draude told reporters. “We want to make sure that there’s consistency and that people are able to budget.”

As the money is intended for food, shelter and other bills, recipients should look to other options for holiday celebrations, Draude said.

“We really count on places like the (community-based organizations) that work really hard with the ministry to ensure the extras for Christmas are available to our recipients,” Draude said.

I am not sure what I think about this decision.  The NDP are right that people need the freedom to spend Social Assistance money like they choose but after years of seeing how busy agencies like the Salvation Army, the Saskatoon Food Bank, and The Friendship Inn are in January because the January check was spent on Christmas cheer (in whatever form it came in), I understand what the Saskatchewan Party is getting at. Of course the other thing I wrestle with is are CBO’s are the ones that need to be counted on to provide Christmas cheer because the government of Saskatchewan doesn’t want to mail our checks earlier.

I know this would get no political traction at all but why not give those deemed unemployable a $50 or $100 Christmas bonus check?  You could even do as New York City has done and link it to performance markers like their annual review, maintaining housing, or making sure children get inoculations and shots.

It’s a tough season for those living under the poverty line, making it harder on those that have no other options doesn’t seem right at all.  In a province showing gains all over the economic spectrum, there is no need for government to have a heart three sizes too small.

4 thoughts on “No Social Services Checks before Christmas”

  1. Its not a bad decision for the reasons cited, but there should have been more notice so that people who WERE budgeting for the money early could have been forewarned

  2. Another great reason to support the Sask Party…’bout time people on social assistance were given some responsibility and held accountable…yaaay!

  3. What I don’t understand is why this is even an issue.

    The money is meant to provide the absolute basic necessities of life, not the luxuries. I am not going to even attempt to say that the rates are high enough, or that the system doesn’t need major change to encourage people to break the cycle. I am going to point out a few things though. a) most employers do not change their pay schedule around the holidays, b) no other holiday has money diverted for it c) no other holiday has as much 3rd party support for those who need it ( adopt-a- family, special holiday drives, salvation army kettles )

    What about those on support who celebrate Ukranian Christmas? Do we delay the cheques for them? How about Chanukah? What if I can’t afford my Kwanza mat?

    Good call on the governments part to say, this makes the most sense for everyone. You want to use your money for presents, budget for it.

    Now if only we could convince the government to divert the unused snow clearing budgets towards snow creation so we can have a white Christmas.

  4. I am not a social assistance recipient ( only by the grace of God) but still do not agree with the change of dates for January assistance.How about the politicians that made the decision for the change wait for their payday until the same day as the social services recipients? That would include their “holiday” bonus that I’m sure they get.practice what you preach my nana used to say, God rest her weary soul.

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