Samsung Galaxy Ace

My Blackberry Curve was my first smartphone and I really liked it.  I was planning to upgrade it this year to a new Blackberry Curve while RIM was making better hardware, they seemed to drop the ball on getting their new software out.  As I have written on Twitter, I had planned to go out and buy a Blackberry Playbook when the price dropped but RIM then delayed the new version of it’s operating system and then raised the price back up to $500 again.  It also doesn’t have Skype, native email, or even a Twitter app.  It’s just a web browser with a camera that can’t be used to communicate with other systems.  It doesn’t even have BBM unless your Blackberry is close by.  With more and more app makers dropping support for RIM, it didn’t make a bunch of sense to pay $300 for a new Blackberry Curve, no matter how much I liked it.  It’s kind of like buying a Nokia smartphone running Symbian or a Windows Phone 7 for that matter.  This letter to RIM senior management from a top level executive kind of sums it all up.

Samsung Galaxy AceDuring this time I went out and bought Wendy an entry level Android phone.  The Samsung Galaxy 550 isn’t spectacular but as much as I hated to admit it, it was better than my Blackberry.  When I saw that Koodo had the Samsung Galaxy Ace I decided to go out and get one.  Earlier this year Koodo had given me a $50 upgrade credit which made a good deal a better deal.

It came with a 4gb Compact SD card which is nice but not that great and after a couple of minutes it was full of Twitter, Foursquare and most of my favourite apps.  While the Google Sync app for the Blackberry was nice, it isn’t being extended with many of the new features.  I appreciate the native integration with Google Apps and again, a nice feature is up-to-date apps and an operating system that is actually being developed and unlike RIM, is shipping.

While the hardware isn’t nearly as beautiful as the Apple iPhone, software wise Android is comparable to iOS.  I know some Apple partisans out there will be flipping out on that suggestions but it was Apple fan boys that talked me into switching to Android.  It’s that good.

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