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When Your Nintendo Wii Won’t Turn On

Mark went to turn on the Wii today and it was a brick.  Instead of panicking, I found this FAQ from Nintendo and it came back to life.

    Most power issues with the Wii can be fixed by resetting the AC adapter. You can easily reset the AC adapter by following these steps:

    1. Unplug the Wii AC adapter at both ends (from the back of the Wii system and from the wall outlet or power strip).

    2. The AC adapter must remain unplugged at both ends for a full 2 minutes.
    3. We also recommend you unplug anything connected to the USB ports and the Nintendo GameCube Controller ports (such as LAN Adapters, keyboards, Nintendo GameCube controllers, etc.).
    4. While you’re waiting, check the AC Adapter for the following:
      • Make sure that the word "Wii" and the model number "RVL-002 (USA)" molded into the AC adapter. Unlicensed products are not fully compatible and may not work correctly.
      • Check the AC Adapter for physical damage. Physical damage, such as frayed wiring or a cracked housing can cause the system to shut down. If your AC Adapter shows signs of physical damage and needs to be replaced, you can purchase one from Nintendo’s online store.
    5. After you’ve waited 2 minutes, plug the AC adapter into the Wii system and directly into a wall outlet, not a surge protector or power strip. If the power light comes on and stays on, then it appears resetting the AC Adapter worked.

      If resetting the AC Adapter did not fix your power issues, please continue reading:

      • Avoid the use of unlicensed products such as memory cards, controllers, and cheat devices. Some of these products are poorly manufactured and may result in damage to your system. If one of these products is attached to your system, remove it and try resetting the AC Adapter (see above).
      • Check any accessories that connect to the Nintendo GameCube Controller ports or the USB ports of the Wii — whether licensed or not — for physical damage. Physical damage, such as frayed wiring or a cracked housing can cause the system to shut down. Remove any damaged products and try resetting the AC Adapter again (see above).
      • Make sure the Wii has good ventilation. Avoid operating the Wii while it’s on carpeting or inside an enclosed space. If you have the Wii placed in a vertical position, make sure the vent on the bottom is lined up properly with the hole in the plastic stand and no foreign material is obstructing that hole.
      • Check the vents on the back and side of the Wii for dust build up. The system will shut down if it cannot vent properly to prevent overheating. If there is a build-up, remove it using a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment.
      • Make sure that your wall outlet works. To check it, try plugging a lamp into the same outlet where your system was plugged in. Turn the lamp on the verify the outlet works. Also, make sure you are not using an outlet that is operated from a wall switch. If you do, make sure the wall switch is in the ON position.
      • Make sure the AC adapter is attached properly. Firmly plug your AC adapter into the back of the Wii (the port is labeled 12V IN) and into a working wall outlet (not a power strip or surge protector). Click here for detailed instructions.
      • Once plugged in, check the power light on the Power button to see if the system is receiving power.

    If the power is still continually shutting off regularly, please click here for repair options. For this particular symptom, it is best to include your Wii console’s AC Adapter with your system. This will help our technicians ensure they are able to resolve your issue.

I posted it here as I had a huge problem finding it via Google and several game boards I found linked to a dead URL.


  1. Thanks a million! I can’t believe it but this worked.

    1. Candi says:

      This worked for us too! Thanks!

  2. We thought we were doomed. This fixed it! Thank you!

  3. Kate says:

    Thank you! Totally worked.

  4. Julie Young says:

    YAY!!! I can resume watching my Netfix!!!!! :) Thanks a bunch!

  5. Latoya says:

    Thankssss so much. My friend didnt think it would work!!!

  6. kitsunisan says:

    Thanks for this, brought my Wii back. Been a while since I’ve tuned it on, wanted to get a bit of Tatsunoko in but nothing. Did this and it powered right up.

  7. trell west says:

    Thanks so much it was such a relief to see it come back on. :)

  8. Kim says:

    Thanks a bunch! This worked :)

  9. Paul says:

    Works now. Thanks a lot

  10. melissa says:

    You just saved our slummer party!!!!

  11. Jen says:

    Yay totally worked…thanks a bunch!!! My husband the cable guy couldn’t even fix it!!!!

  12. Lizzie says:

    Worked for us too!!

  13. jessie says:

    thank you!!! worked perfectly!!! good thing i saw this before buying a new one!

  14. Josey says:

    So simple, but I never would have guessed that I would need to unplug both ends. Thanks so much!

  15. Jackie says:

    Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Christine says:

    YAY worked for us too! Thank you now I can kick my hubby’s butt in golf so then he gets to get me ice cream :-)

  17. Lin says:

    YAY!!!! It worked — thanks!!!

  18. Whitney says:

    So MAGICAL! Wow. How did you figure that out? Thanks for saving the night!

  19. LW says:

    You rock. You just restored my mood and saved my budget as well. Somehow I did the unplugging before, but didn’t wait. THANK YOU for sharing your digital mojo with the rest of us.


  20. jak patrik says:

    also two thumbs up from us! thank you

  21. tonya says:

    Thank you SOOOO much! Thought it was time to buy a new one or have to take it to a tech. Appreciate you sharing the information!!!

  22. Thank You! says:

    Thank you so much! This worked perfectly.

  23. HOLLIE says:


  24. P Downer says:

    TOTALLY worked!! Thank you sooo much!!

  25. Blackwroth says:

    It worked!! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
    Happy Chrimbus!

  26. Mary Meyer says:

    Best advice online!!! Thanks!

  27. joe says:

    This is the second time I’ve had to do this. Could not find this info on the nintendo website….wow

  28. Brian Schwerdtfeger says:

    Thanks so much!

  29. BB says:

    My wii is back on! :D

  30. Crissy27 says:

    Yay! It worked for me too! Thank you so much!
    Any advice on fat PS3s with the same issue?

  31. Kim says:

    Hooray this fixed it!! THANK you for taking the time to post it!!

  32. Ja'Necia says:

    Thank you so much. We wanted Just Dance 4 but we thought our Wii blew out. Now it is as good as new. Thanks again.

  33. lynda says:

    Thank you ,thank you, thank you-result!!!!!!!!

  34. dvc says:

    Thanks a bunch. Now I am a hero!

  35. flufkin says:

    Thank you….love it when it’s a simple thing!!

  36. Amanda says:

    So simple, worked like a charm. Thanks!

  37. Brittany says:

    I just did this and it worked!! I just tried to turn it on one day and figured it was just trash when nothing worked, but this did! Thank you so much for taking the time to post this! Seriously a life saver!!

  38. Daniel says:

    Thanks for the help, did it and turned on right away

  39. sue says:

    dude u just saved my life bra

  40. Brian Sulzen says:

    At minimum, I owe you a beer!

  41. Jen says:

    Thank you so much!
    It worked!!!

  42. Valerie says:

    Thank you!! My son and fiance now think this mama is a genius!

  43. Heather says:

    Totally worked!

  44. Darrell says:

    hehe… it worked.. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

  45. Brittany says:

    THANK YOU! never thought i’d be able to play again. my best friend is gonna be happy now :]

  46. Sara says:

    Thanks so much my kids were freaking out what no Wiiiiiiiiiiii, what are we supposed to do now!!!!!!! :)

  47. Marie says:

    This works :-) Glad I didn’t have to go out and buy a replacement

  48. Laura says:

    Holy smokes. It worked! I wasn’t going to post but then again I didn’t really think it would work. Thanks! :)

  49. Shelby says:

    Omg!!! You saved Netflix!!! Thanks a million for this one :)

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