Former Reform and Canadian Alliance MP Jim Pankiw to face charges

From today’s StarPhoenix

Former MP Jim Pankiw has been charged with impaired driving, driving with a blood-alcohol content over the legal limit and failing to go for fingerprinting.

The incident occurred July 26 in Saskatoon. Pankiw, 45, served as MP for Saskatoon-Humboldt from 1997 to 2004 – first as a member of the Reform party and later as a member of the Canadian Alliance. He ran unsuccessfully as Independent candidate in the Saskatoon-Humboldt riding in this year’s federal election.

The matter returns to provincial court Oct. 27.

Pankiw is also awaiting a Nov. 4 Court of Appeal hearing brought by the Chiropractors Association of Saskatchewan (CAS), which sanctioned him for professional misconduct in 2006.

Pankiw was disciplined by the CAS board after admitting making disparaging and profanity-laced comments about other chiropractors and the board’s legal counsel.

Pankiw admitted guilt in 14 counts of professional misconduct but appealed the fines and suspension in 2009 at Court of Queen’s Bench, where a lesser penalty was imposed. The CAS is appealing that ruling.

According to court documents, the comments that landed Pankiw in trouble included him telling a fellow member at a CAS wine and cheese event in 2004 that there was someone in the room who he would like to "put a bullet in their head for screwing him."

He also complained at the same event about being wrongly treated by the CAS.

I have long wondered what went wrong with Pankiw.  Looking back to some of the childish antics that went on between him and Morris Bodnar, something has always been wrong.  I guess it happens but it’s sad to see it seemingly get worse.   Hopefully he can get the help he needs.

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