Early anniversary gift

Wendy's Samsung Galaxy 550I had wanted to upgrade Wendy’s Samsung Link for a while now as Virgin Mobile has had some entry level Android smartphones out for a while.  Every time I went out and looked, they were sold out.  I finally tracked one down today at Best Buy and decided to pick up a Samsung Galaxy 550.  It’s not cutting edge but it runs Foursquare, Twitter, Angry Birds, Flickr, and a bunch of other apps pretty well while being a lot cheaper than an iPhone.  While I don’t think it will make me want to give up my Blackberry, it’s a pretty decent little phone.  The bad part is now our competition on Foursquare is heating up.

While I am talking about Virgin Mobile, Visions Electronics is giving away free Virgin phones with no contracts.  You can cancel a month into it if you want.  They have the LG Rumor 2, the Samsung Gravity 3, and some others.

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