Saskatchewan Campaign Ads

I plan to be running campaign advertisements and a contest for the best campaign video and advertisement on my blog.  The Ryan Bater video is just going to be the first.  We will try to create a collection of the worst and best ads of the campaign at the end of the campaign.

2 thoughts on “Saskatchewan Campaign Ads”

  1. I remember the “Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing” ad the NDP ran last time. Seems like it’s been taken off youtube, though.

    I even wrote about that one, here:

    Perhaps the NDP felt the message would reverberate in Saskatchewan, because the wolf is a traditional enemy of the Farmer. But in a pull-your-punches move, the ads are softened by the addition of a large tongue dangling from the carnivore’s mouth. Instantly the animal is transformed from vicious killer to a cartoon, looking actually somewhat stupid rather than evil…

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