It’s not both sides fault

I am a big fan of Thomas Friedman but while his column has this great line in it,

But the more I read the papers the more I’m convinced that “we the people” are having an economic crisis and “you the politicians” are having an election — and there is frighteningly little overlap between the two.

he is totally wrong when he puts the blame for the current economic crisis on both the Democrats and the Republicans.  It’s the fault of the Republicans.  They have resisted every attempt of fixing the problem and they are totally to blame.

One thought on “It’s not both sides fault”

  1. It’s “we the people”! We need to be ever alert, for it is part of our nature if there are no rules or guidelines some of us will try to extract more for our efforts than they are worth. Capitalism or socialism are neither good nor bad themselves but it depends on the implementation. The devil is in the details and those with ill intent will figure a way to game the processes. Democracy, the rule of law and an informed & active “we the people” is our best hope.

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