CNN’s new advertising

I was watching CNN this week and was stunned by the poor job the anchor was doing bringing any kind of accountability to the Republican guest.  Considering that their advertising was “Keeping them Honest”, they seem to do a horrible job of it, even their respected hosts like Wolf Blitzer.  In an attempt to appear non-partisan, they are not keeping anyone honest by not taking a stand on anything. 

The “let’s leave it there” that you hear over and over again means that guest can lie to your hearts content and no one will call them on it.  In many ways it has made them less reliable than MSNBC and Fox News.  Jon Stewart goes to town on CNN in this 2009 segment.


What is scary about this segment is that it isn’t that far off base.  CNN seems to be going through the motions more than actually being a news source I can trust.

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