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Turning 10 is a decade old todayTen years ago today I published my first post on this site.  I wasn’t sure if this blogging thing was going to last but since then I have posted more then 11,000 times to the site and the traffic has grown quite a bit.  There hasn’t been many changes to the site.  It was first powered by Blogger, then Blogger Pro, and then back to plain Blogger again after Google purchased it.  After 8000 posts, I moved the site to WordPress.

I started to post here because Andrew Careaga wrote a book called e-vangelism back in the early days of the interweb and he published a newsletter that talked about technology and faith.  I never read the book (sorry Andrew) but I did read the newsletter.  In it he talked about Blogger and how you could use it to keep a church website updated.  That is how I discovered Blogger and the rest has been history.  When I started blogging, there was Andrew Jones, Rudy Carrasco and myself blogging about the church and theological issues.  Other than them I learned a lot from Doc Searls, AKMA, Jason Kottke, Caterina Fake, Jeneanne Sessum, and Rebecca Blood.

I am not really sure why I keep posting here.  There never was a plan behind it.  I had no ambitions to be a thought leader, create a movement, make money, or achieve fame.  What I wanted was a place to explore ideas, keep track of interesting things and later on, share things with friends.  Hopefully I have done that.

I have also made some enemies.  One city councillor continues to block me on Twitter and called me an “first class asshole” over some comments I made last summer, one prominent Christian leader threatened to sue over comments, I think it’s a contributing factor for why my dad and I haven’t talked in eight years and more than one former colleague has questioned my Christianity over my more liberal views.   Still the site has brought more joy than angst so it’s all good.

There has been a lot of friends made as well.  Too many to list but thanks for the emails, comments, tweets, and time spent together over the last decade.   Hopefully there is an interesting link or two in the future.  Of course with entire companies moving from the open web to closed Facebook, I am now quite a bit behind the times but that’s the story of my life.

The StarPhoenixNot sure what the future brings.  I am writing a weekly column now at The StarPhoenix so some of my longer (and better written pieces) will be posted there.  I’ll still be posting links, sports (including my scheme to purchase the L.A. Dodgers) and some photos as well.

Thanks to everyone who reads this rather odd collection of links, rants, and articles.  You have been the ones that have made this so much fun.


  1. Bill Kinnon says:

    I love this blog, blogfather! And though I don’t comment enough, I read every single post – even when it’s about Sask politics. :-)

  2. congrats on reaching the 10 year milestone
    Like Bill I read your posts & your tweets…
    maybe post links and/or the Star Phoenix articles on your blog


  3. Erin Wilson says:

    Quite a milestone :) Congratulations for keeping it fresh.

  4. Jadon says:

    And just in time for the Vatican having a twitter. :) Don’t forget all the blogs that were inspired by this one, especially in Saskatoon.

  5. People are still reading. Keep on writing. Congrats on #10.

  6. […] Jordon’s blog turned 10 today and his first analytical column appeared in The StarPhoenix on Monday.  Every Monday morning his column appears in print so go buy a copy of The StarPhoenix. […]

  7. Daniel says:

    Thanks for staying out here in the open web!

  8. Mike O says:

    Good deal! You are everyone’s favorite Canadian!

  9. Mike O says:

    Happy Canada Day!

  10. Eric Friesen says:

    Congrats on having the endurance and imagination and curiosity to keep it going for so long.

    One of the reasons I’ve been a subscriber for the last four or five years? I’ve got lots of relatives in S’toon and love the town and the people there. Reading your blog helps me feel a little more connected.

    I also admire the work you’re doing w/ SA – my wife works for them here in Winnipeg.

    Enough with the nicey-nice . . . the Bombers are gonna kick your butt on Labour Day.

    Keep it up, Jordon.

  11. Steve Menshenfriend says:

    This has been a great blog for 10 years. Kirsten and I have been in Saskatchewan for 9 years … and I remember reading your blog while we lived in Seattle. Thanks for everything.

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