Titanic II

Titanic IIOn Netflix the other night, Mark and I watched Titanic II which is probably the worst movie we have ever seen.  The story wasn`t horrible but the acting, CGI, cheap sets, cliched casting, and even the lighting was.  Yeah, you heard me, even the lighting was bad.

It was so bad, Mark was upset that I rated it, “I hated it“ on Netflix.  He was pushing for a worse rating.  I think he is hacking into Netflix now to see if he can ad a “the producers should be jailed” rating to the film.  Now in some ways, it is so bad that we watched part of it again.  There was several scenes in which they tried to show people panicking but they didn’t have enough extras on so they kept showing the same scene again and again and again.  That was gold.  The second time we just skimmed through the scenes to show the worse of them to Wendy.  There were a lot of bad scenes, including some CGI that looked like it was seriously done with Google Sketch Up.

If you watch it, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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