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Economically (apparently I prefer deficits) and on defence spending I agree with the Conservatives but on Senate Reform, Quebec, and Moral Values, I am with the Liberals.

It’s kind of a fun survey but I realized that locally I find myself politically at odds with four of the city councillors at the left end of the political spectrum and yet I would vote for each of them if I lived in their wards.  I explain that in that all four of them do a really good job of communicating their positions, do their jobs with integrity, and have the best interests of the city at heart so there is more to voting than 30 questions that determine my political ideology.  It’s the same reason I voted for Eric Cline and now for Cam Broten.  It’s also why local campaigns matter.  It’s a fun tool though and I agree with Warren Kinsella that it shouldn’t be taken that seriously.

As for local campaigns, Kelly Block and Nettie Wiebe are running in Saskatoon Rosetown Biggar.  As always, the race will be too close to call.  The Liberals are running Lee Reaney and the Green’s are running Vicki Strelioff.  Neither will make an impact in the campaign and as far as I could find, neither have a campaign headquarters.

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  1. I cheated and took the same poll (I’m not Canadian). On the chart where it has the “CON” icon, I was further down and further to the right. Hmm, I don’t think Canada would be ready for me…

  2. Hi Jordon.

    I just wanted you to know that the Reaney Campaign Headquarters are on 22nd St. & Ave. G. The Liberals are running a full campaign. We see that CBC identified you as a Liberal. If you’d like to speak with Lee, call the office at 361-4082.

    Thanks for your post and keep blogging!

    Lee Reaney Campaign

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