Duval, Saskatchewan

Ever since we bought the cabin, I have wanted to go out in March and spend a couple of days at the lake.  Every year since then it has been cold, snowy, and miserable…. basically seasonal temperatures in Saskatchewan but it stinks and we have never managed to do it yet.

Growing up in Calgary, March 11th was not only my birthday, it was the day that I could wear short sleeve shirts to school, often without a jacket.  It was nice, pleasant, and full of life.  I realized that this is the problem with March, it holds so much potential but in Saskatchewan, the month is an underachiever and never delivers.  It just gives up, rolls over and let’s winter bully us while waiting for April and May do the the heavy lifting for us while March complains.

I realized that I can handle a brutally cold December, a frigid January, and a painfully cold February but my March I want a couple of days where I don’t have to go out early and start my car or I can take the dog out for a long walk and not have to apologize to her for where we live.  The Saskatchewan winter isn’t that bad, it’s just one month too long and for that I hold March responsible.

3 thoughts on “Underachiever”

  1. You have some great colours on this shot. Every fall I take a couple of nature photos to pull up in the deepest dark of the Winnipeg winter when all hope is lost. Saskatchewan is a cakewalk.

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