The Park Cafe and Diner

The Park Cafe and DinerThe Park Cafe and Diner

After reading that the Park Cafe and Diner was listed as one of the 52 things that makes Saskatoon great, Wendy, Oliver, and two co-workers walked down to check it out for lunch today.  I was late so Wendy ordered me a mushroom burger and fries and our table had two other burgers and two orders of chicken strips.  Our food was up right away, despite it being busy and the food was spectacular.  They may make the best burger in town.  The food was fresh, home made, and perfectly cooked.  The burgers are home made, they bacon is house made and cured, and the fries are hand cut.  During the late spring through late fall most of the produce is bought fresh from the Saskatoon Farmer’s Market.  

Despite all of that, I was surprised with how inexpensive our lunch was.  As for the service, twice it was noticed that a small detail wasn’t perfect with our meal and before we noticed it, it was fixed.  In short, it is the kind of restaurant that every neighbourhood wants but few have.  Luckily it’s within two blocks of work.

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  1. I’m amazed you haven’t been there before. The Eggs Benedict is unbelievable. The Park actually brings suburbanites into the hood for after church Sunday Brunch, and the comedy is watching them setting car alarms on their BMWs.

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