Jordonland: Established in 2011

There is a documentary on micronations by Jody ShapiroHere is the interview in Mother Jones.

MJ: In the film you say there are hundreds of micronations being formed, every year—what’s the average lifespan for these things?

JS: It’s a loose term right now. It fits from anywhere from a kid in a parent’s basement, declaring his own virtual community, to places like Hutt River—that’s been around for 40 years now. I think some places will last for years; others will fold down the minute their parents kick them out of their house or something like that.

I am totally on board with this.  I plan to separate from Canada in early 2012, right after the referendum in our house.

Update: Doh! Mark is planning to separate his room from our nation as well.  It’s called New Mark.  This is getting complicated.

Update 2: Wendy is planning a sovereignty association with the rest of the house.  Wendopia plans to come into existence in 2013.

Ahh forget it, the lawyer bills and the costs of my consulate office at the United Nations is killing me.

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