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  • The Cost of Urban Water | The amount of people living in cities is constantly rising. This asks for good solutions in terms of water supply and management. This visualization looks at the cost of water in major cities and their development over the past 3 years. Related
  • Tunnel Mountain Wendy and I watched Season 1 of Everest: Beyond the Limit last week.  I was so inspired that I am going to climb Tunnel Mountain this summer… without oxygen.  Although it won’t be this side of the mountain… way to steep.  I’ll be taking the other side, the one littered with wagons and tricycles of kids heading to the top.

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  1. I have no desire to lose fingers and toes to frostbite so no Everest for me. Tunnel Mountain is more my speed. Plus I am told the secret is to photograph from the steep side and then feel good about climbing the easier side.

    Now I need to go and find some Sherpas…

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