Shooting Saskatchewan

This post is more for Wendy and I than anyone else.  For those of you who follow me on Twitter, you know how torn I have been on purchasing a DSLR for my birthday next month.  Do I get a Canon Rebel, a Pentax K-X, a Sony a330, an Olympus EVolt 420, Canon Rebel XS or now I am looking at a Samsung NX10.  What to do, what to do?   Of course this isn’t just a purchase but a life long commitment to a lens family.

To justify this purchase, I should probably spend some time using it and so we have been looking at places to go a shoot this summer.

Here is the list so far.

Any other suggestions around Saskatoon?

4 thoughts on “Shooting Saskatchewan”

  1. I hate to suggest this….. but at times it’s easier to get forgiveness after the fact.

    When I had someone that enjoyed going out to the rural area to photograph old buildings (and that one looks like a beaut!), if I couldn’t figure out who it belonged to, I would still go to take photos. If the owner came up, I would apologize and show the images on my camera, give my contact info, offering to email images if they were interested. Never had anyone upset, once they knew I was respectful, wasn’t there to steal anything (there is a lot of stealing out of the old buildings that people understandably get grouchy about). In fact on more than one occasion was invited further on the property to buildings not visible on the road.

    Being without a driver’s liscence (medical reasons) and no longer in contact with said person, I do miss those drives to the country.

  2. Far as I can it’s owned by the gov’t of Canada Parks – try this email . Hope that helps. I wish I had found a private owner, it would likely be easier than dealing with the gov’t me thinks.

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