Captain of the Enterprise

Not sure why I like this post by Randall Friesen so much but I do.

And I think to myself, Self, it would be good on days like this, to work in a small niche bookstore where few people come and go on any given day, and I am free to help those who come in and maybe dust a little or unpack new books for my benevolent, very wealthy, shop owner and manager who prefers to be elsewhere, and who likes the laid back version of myself and lets me read when the dusting and shelve stocking is done, and after a stressful day of three customers I walk home to my wife and family and in the evening I head out to play in the bowling league I’m a part of with guys I’ve known since birth and who won’t criticize me for only getting one strike the whole evening and instead they buy me one single beer to celebrate with, and we drink it with gusto and with that success puffing up my pride I return home and make love to my wife who is surprised because it’s not Thursday night and I sleep the sleep of the contented man because tomorrow is another busy exciting day.
… or maybe not.

The post made me think of when I want to get away from it all, what do would I want to do?  If I was single, I would want to be at sea (which is odd being from Saskatchewan and having no sea legs).  Since I am married I tend to think running a small town grocery store is what I would want to retreat to.  Perhaps beside a Randall’s bookstore.  Someone needs to take advantage of his poor bowling and sell him some coffee during the day.

Update: Randall’s fun response.

One thought on “Captain of the Enterprise”

  1. …and I would come over to the Foo Mart you own next door and get a good cup of coffee and ask you if you bowl because Al is getting the pressure from the wife to be home with the kids Thursday nights because that’s her Bingo calling night over at the Legion Hall and occasionally I’d buy you lunch over at the Ukrainian Orthodox church Ladies Aid fundraising progie fest to raise money for Shirleys daughter who’s going to the University in Saskatoon and who is in need of some extra money to pay for a road trip her U of S girls hockey team is taking to a tournament in North Dakota, but because of all the educational cutbacks we regular people just have to step up.

    … yep, could be fun.

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