King of the Ocean?

I was reading this post by Jason Kottke this morning and I watched this crazy video from BBC: Planet Earth of a Great White Shark hunting seals.  What blew me away is while the shark is an incredible killing machine, it will flee thousands of miles if it runs into a single Orca Whale.

Although Pyle couldn’t confirm a white shark was killed in 2000, he did learn how one reacted. Tipfin, a 15-foot male, was carrying a satellite tag that Pyle and colleague Scot Anderson had attached the month before. When the tag popped off six months later and transmitted its stored data, the researchers had an almost minute-by-minute account of Tipfin’s movements.

"On the hour of the attack, Tipfin abruptly dropped to 500 meters and headed west," says Pyle. "He swam all the way to Hawaii."

I was impressed.   Bumping a Great White Shark on it’s back takes a lot of guts, even for a Orca whale.

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