A pimp business plan

A pimping business planA pimping business plan

According to Youth Radio

The FBI estimates that a mid-level trafficker can make more than $500,000 dollars a year by marketing just four girls.  With so much money being made through trafficking, police say long standing networks of gangs and drug dealers are starting to cross over because they see sex trafficking as an easier game. The potential prison sentences are much lower and the game is less dangerous if you are a pimp or a trafficker.

Youth Radio obtained a hand-written business plan from a pimp. The business plan titled Keep It Pimpin states how the pimp wants to expand his trafficking business locally as well as nationally. He also writes that he wants to discover girls “from all over”–especially girls in jail houses and in small cities.

Alameda County DA Sharmin Bock says the pimp business plan represents a larger pimp mentality. “He said ‘I’m going to take it from the concrete streets to the executive suites.’ And that means ultimately you do want to be in those executive suites,” Bock says. “Ultimately you do want to be doing the big ticket sales of children all over the country. And sadly today there is no better bang for your buck, no better investment on your money, no better return, than selling a child for sex.”

It’s sick to read but it’s why most street level prostitution in the city is run by the gangs, the money is too good to be true.  When I worked nights at work and before the Farmer’s Market was opened, girls took many johns to that area and did their tricks there.  Many of them would come in beaten badly and instead of wanting the police or first aid help, they wanted us to go out and get their $60 back.  I am not sure what $60 gets you (and I never asked but I assume it was sex with a condom, bareback sex apparently costs a lot more) but it was always $60 so I am assuming it was the lowest rate.

Here’s the math at at that rate.

  • $500,000 a year / 4 girls = $125,000
  • $125,000 / 350 nights a year (nights off for illness and recovery from violence) = $358 a night
  • $358 a night / $60 trick = 6 tricks or more a night.

Just think about that number for a moment.  via

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