Christmas Gift Guide: Gift Ideas for the Road Warrior / World Traveller | 2010 Edition

It’s just about time for every radio station to start playing holiday music, so that makes it a good time to be thinking about gifts for that special road warrior in your life.  In case you don’t find what you are looking for, check out the other 2010 Christmas Gift Guides.

Apple iPad |  If your loved on spends a lot of time travelling, waiting, improvising, problem solving, and then some more travelling, you will want to get them an iPad to allow them to work on the plan, the road, in line, in their hotel, and everywhere in between.

From $529 at Amazon or from $499 at the Apple Store

If they don’t want an iPad, you can also pick up some Android Tablets pretty inexpensively like this one from Walgreens for only $129.

JanSport Antics Wheeled Backpack :: If you are like me, you have your laptop, PSP, iPod, a book, magazine, and a drink or two with you when you go on the plane.  While none of them weigh that much together, they do add up.  Your loved one could carry all of that with them but believe me, a wheeled backpack is a wonderful thing to have as you stand in line at the counter, stand in line at security, stand in line at Starbucks, and stand in line while waiting to board.  Travelling can be enough of a mental and physical workout without having to heave your luggage around or have to worry about your laptop.  $71.25 from Amazon

Nightwave Sleep Aid | Many road warriors have spent many nights trying to fall to sleep for a variety of reasons.  Different bed, time zone issues and the stress of a big meeting tomorrow.  The Nightwave is designed to help you find that needed sleep naturally.  Nightwave silently guides you in a pre-sleep relaxation session in the privacy of your own bedroom. it’s like having your own personal sleep coach.  Nightwave projects a soft blue light into your darkened bedroom. the “luminance” of the light slowly rises and falls.  You lie with eyes open and synchronize your breathing with the wave of soft light as its movement becomes slower and slower. after a short time, Nightwave shuts off and you roll over and fall asleep. and unlike sound machines, the soft light does not disturb others.  Why does Nightwave work? Nightwave works so well because it quiets the mind and relaxes the body. With Nightwave, a gentle focus on an external cue gives you an escape from the overactive mind. $33.75 from Amazon

Pelican Micro Case :: Are you going to trust the airline to keep your loved ones iPod, cell phone, or Blackberry safe?  I wouldn’t either.  Toss them in one of these Pelican Micro Cases and while the airline may destroy their bag, they will at least be able to phone and complain.

Keeping these portable devices charged is a tough task when you’re always on the go, and that’s why we recommend the Energizer Energi To Go XP4000. The XP4000 is a portable rechargeable power pack which can charge anything with a USB connection, whether it be an iPod, iPhone, or a digital camera. The power pack comes with various tips including mini-USB, micro-USB, iPod dock connector, and others used for a slew of smartphone manufacturers such as Motorola and Nokia. The Energi To Go XP4000 can be purchased from for around $60 with free shipping.

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones :: I still remember the first time I flew and turned on my fairly inexpensive noise cancelling headphones.  The engine noise disappeared, the voices around me became audible and I was far more refreshed as I stopped off the plane.  It also made it much easier to sleep.  While Bose sets the standard for noise cancelling headphones, you can pick up some Sony noise cancelling headphones for quite a bit less money.

If their computer’s webcam leaves something to be desired, how about getting them one of Microsoft Lifecam HD webcams. This webcam, delivers smooth, detailed 16:9 video in full 720p HD quality. Optimized for Windows Live, the LifeCam Cinema also works with Yahoo Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger and Skype for video calls and messaging.  The camera has good low light performance and gives your favorite road warrior a way to chat to their family at the end of a long flight or day on the road.  It’s only a couple of years late but it finally give PC users a webcam to rival Apple’s amazing iSight.

As most everyone will witness this holiday season, getting through airport security will be a mess and Timbuk2 is here to help. The new Commute 2.0 and Blogger 2.0 bags are the greatest laptop bags for a quick whisk through the TSA lines. They both offer a laptop compartment that unzips so you don’t have to go through the hassle of taking your laptop out. If that isn’t enough to convince you, both also have a waterproof front flap to keep your valuables dry in stormy weather. The Commute 2.0 and Blogger 2.0 bags from Timbuk2 sell for $100 each.

Fujifilm FinePix XP10 | The FinePix XP10 is a four-proof digital cameras – waterproof, freezeproof, shockproof and dustproof. Resulting from a redesign of Fujifilm’s best-selling FinePix Z33WP, the FinePix XP10 is an ergonomically “life proof” camera housed in a metal uni-body chassis with a tactile grip finish.  The details: 12MP, Fujinon 5x Periscopic Optical Zoom, 2.7″ LCD, waterproof – 10ft (3M), shockproof – 3ft (1M) and freezeproof 14*F (-10*C). Other features include: Face Detection w/ Red Eye Removal, Digital Image Stabilization, High Sensitivity 1600 ISO, 6 Scene – SR Auto Automatic Scene Recognition, One-Touch HD Movie 720p w/ Sound, Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery.  It all adds up to one of the best compact cameras that have come along for years.  $142 from Amazon

Iomega eGo Portable Hard Drive | The Iomega eGo is a serious hard drive for serious business travelers. The portable drive has a sturdy steel enclosure and a special feature that protects data against falls. The palm-size device weighs less than 7 ounces, yet has 500GB of capacity, enough to store up to two million photos, more than 9,000 hours of music or 750 hours of video. Available in red, silver, blue, and black. $88 from Amazon

Cowhide Leather Zipper Travel Wallet | I am not sure why I took so long to get on the travel wallet bandwagon but one folder for your airline tickets, some cash, passport, and a pen is a wonderful idea.  It really does simplify heading through the ticket line, boarding line, security line, and customs. $19.99 from Amazon

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