NFL Vacation

I am trying to figure out which city I should go to and take in an NFL game next year.  Here are my requirements:

  • The game can’t have Brett Favre playing in it.
  • I want to see either a baseball game in it or a NCAA football game the same weekend.
  • It needs to be within a 24 hour drive.

Denver Broncos LogoSaskatoon to Denver


  • It’s Mecca as far as I am concerned.  I live and die for the Denver Broncos.


  • I have no desire to see the Colorado Rockies play.
  • Again, not sure if I want to see the University of Colorado play a Pac-10 matchup.
  • That doesn’t look like a fun drive through Wyoming and I doubt Dick Cheney would let me crash at his place after some of the things that I have written about him here.

Minnesota Vikings LogoSaskatoon to Minneapolis


  • Closest game to Saskatoon. 
  • Mark can stop in Winnipeg and pee on Canad Inns Stadium on the way by again.
  • Can see the Minnesota Twins play in their new park.
  • Mall of America.
  • I do like Minneapolis


  • Domed stadium.
  • I really don’t like the Vikings.
  • Brett Favre could send me a crude txt message.
  • Mall of America is not that much different than West Edmonton Mall.
  • I would feel bad driving to Minneapolis and not going to Solomon’s Porch because I was heading to a football game.

Seattle Seahawks LogoSaskatoon to Seattle


  • It’s Seattle
  • Pike’s Market
  • EMP
  • I could take in a University of Washington game
  • I can taunt them for drafting Brian Bosworth
  • I may be able to talk Don Crawford into driving down and watching the game with us.
  • We could stop in Calgary and I can have breakfast with Dave King.


  • I lost so much respect for Pete Carroll after what happened at USC.  It would bug me to support his salary with a game ticket.
  • What if they wear their horrific third jersey’s.

Chicago Bears logoSaskatoon to Chicago


  • Soldier Field.
  • Navy Pier.
  • Sears (or whatever it is called now) Tower.
  • Wouldn’t mind seeing the Cubs, White Sox, or Northwestern play.


  • Jay Cutler
  • Mike Martz
  • Bears fans in general are not the most enlightened.

Let me know what you think in the comments below.

8 thoughts on “NFL Vacation”

  1. You should come to Detroit! Ford Field is beautiful, even if the play on the field is not. You could watch the Tigers who have been consistently mediocre the past few seasons. If you came the weekend of Sept. 10th/11th, you could also catch the Michigan/Notre Dame game which is also the first night game ever at Michigan Stadium.

    1. I love the idea of a game at the Big House, especially with Notre Dame coming to town and running wild over whoever is coaching in Michigan next year. Growing up with Detroit cable, I do have an affinity for the Lions. That’s not a bad idea.

  2. you could go to a packers game and then hit up milwaukee for a brewers game or madison for a UW-madison game. they are not exactly in the same city but two hours apart isn’t that bad and it is lambeau field and the pack. you can’t get a better nfl experience than that.

      1. … but Coop, Green Bay has some ribs place with some French guy’s name on it … Farve? or Fauvre? or something like that. Something about a Mississipi river boat gambler and cajun style cooking and a gun slinger quarterback from the bayou?

  3. As a Denverite and bleeder of orange, it’s hard to imagine going someplace other than Denver. And if Colorado is a tough sell – head down to the Academy and catch an Air Force game. Incredible atmosphere.

    However, I know Robert very well and while Green Bay is #234,495 on top vacation places, he makes a mean jumbalaya and the fishing I hear is incredible. Something to think about. And it’s not Cleveland.

    I’d invite you to where I live now but let’s be honest — (Topeka is 60 miles from Kansas City) — from a sports perspective, this may be the only place worse than Cleveland. We do have Jayhawk basketball.

  4. I totally like the Seattle option, Pete Carroll aside. It plays into my long term strategy to get Coop&Co to the west coast ( preferably Victoria, BC ). I’d vote for October 31st, when the Raiders come to town, and we could be the 2 rabid Broncos fans in the house, shouting down the hated Oakland team as part of our duty in the rivalry. Just think … the Raiders playing on Hallowe’en … I bet thousands of their fans drive up the coast, and they won’t even need costumes! Not sure Al Davis could make the trip though?

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