Indoors isn’t safer: Former prostitutes

From the Toronto Sun

Katarina MacLeod, who has been out of the sex trade business for the last two years but spent 17 years working in a bawdy house, disagrees with the premise.

“Indoors isn’t safer,” MacLeod said. “It is complete hell inside and the customer is always right. They can beat you and take tour money.

“I suffered for 17 years at the hands of men,” said MacLeod.

“The location didn’t make us safer, the men who we were with made us unsafe,” she said. “Even if there is a panic button in the room, how do you get to it?”

MacLeod said she worked with girls as young as 12-years-old.

Pimps “have a look they like and an age they like,” MacLeod said. “They had cameras and could see the police coming in and we would run them out the back door.”

Prostitution is the abuse of women plain and simple, said Natasha Falle, founder of Sex Trade 101.

“My pimp kept me behind closed doors,” she said. “He wanted me behind closed doors so he could keep an eye on me.

“Purchasing sex doesn’t make you a real man,” Falle said. “Only 1% of prostitutes say they enjoy sex with johns and 97% say they want to get out.

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  1. It’s interesting to me how society thinks we can just change the location of exploitation to get rid of exploitation. Being indoors is safer for some women who choose their work and can decline customers, but for the rest those rooms are a prison cell. Thanks for posting about this.

  2. I worked with and without a pimp. I have worked at both indoor and outdoor locations. Indoors is NOT safer – EVER! Only 1% chose this so-called work and are sex addicts. I, along with the many women/children whom I prostituted with can contest that the majority of violence we experienced happened behind closed doors – through legal establishments. I was drugged and raped by a driver. The first cocaine i ever bought was through escort drivers… my first violent john was in a bawdy house while a few other of my friends were present and had to drag the lunatic off me. When i did eventually get a pimp (because nearly everyone i knew had a pimp, free loader, user or abuser for man) he preferred i sold my body at indoor locations so he could keep a better eye on me and drive me to my calls. I was less likely to report violence the longer i stated in the trade i believed violence was a part of the job and we all become desensitized to the dangers it entails. Its not the laws that make women unsafe, its the men that abuse them. Reporting to the police put me at a greater risk of violence. An inspiring woman once said… “For something to be a real choice, shouldn’t we have a second option of equal value or greater?” (By Beverley McAlease). I couldnt agree more, in fact i dont feel its ever a real choice – not even for the very small few who believe it is. Its like there’s a job description laying down all the really dirty “D’s” of what one should expect. This is a business exchange based on lies and threats of violence. 97% report they want out but are afraid and/or don’t know how to get out.

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