Les Stroud’s Beyond Survival

Les Stroud's Beyond Survival - Sri Lanka

As long time readers of this blog know we as a family are big fans of Survivorman as well as Les Stroud’s other projects so it should come as no surprise that we sat around and watched Beyond Survival tonight.  We hadn’t even gone by the opening credits before I said, “we may as well pre-order season one on DVD right now”. 

The point of the show is that Stroud is revisiting and exploring some of the ancient survival forms that he showed in Survivorman as well as showing ancient survival forms that are in danger of disappearing in an age of globalization and modern technology.

Like Survivorman, there is a lot of first person shot that Stroud made popular but unlike Stroud, there is a second camera person which ads a lot of the production.  Of course there are dangerous bugs, poisoness tree sap, and predatorial mammals.

The show is a good one and I was right, I will be purchasing the series on DVD as soon as it comes out.

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