From Mayfair to Caswell

As Wendy wrote, Mark has been transferred from Mayfair School to Caswell School.  The experience has been a really good one for Mark so far which kind of frustrates me.  There are more computers, a better paint job, more extra curricular activities, and resources for kids at Caswell despite the schools only being five blocks away from each other.  There were a lot of factors involving our move but both of these schools are publically funded schools and yet one has far superior resources thrown at it. 

I know school population is part of it.  While Caswell has almost no split classes, all of the classes that Mark would be in until he graduated out of there were split classes but shouldn’t all schools have access to the same quality of library, the same access to computers and the same access to educational resources?  Especially when they are all of five blocks apart.  A good education should not be geographically based.

Of course I would love to be proven wrong.  Too bad the Star Phoenix or Planet S Magazine didn’t have the inclination to compare and rate public schools and compare student – teacher, student – computer, student – teacher assistant ratios, extra curricular activities, and look at what grade students could start entering into a run of split classrooms.  It would be interesting to see.

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